An Apartment Cleaning Checklist for Dubai
If you are a homeowner in Dubai, you are very familiar with the need for frequent apartment cleaning most especially when you are renting. Clean rooms attract tenants and create a great first impression. Here’s a checklist covered by apartment cleaning services in JLT:

Weekly apartment cleaning checklist
Having a cleaning schedule each week is important. Without it, maintaining your home and proper hygiene would be impossible. Not only can weekly cleanings help you maintain an acceptable standard of living, but properly executed weekly cleanings will make your life much easier when it comes time for deep cleans in between tenants. Our apartment cleaning services in JLT include the following processes:

General cleaning: Take care of minor hygiene, such as cleaning and disinfecting door handles (including closet doors), window locks, and light switches. Sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming rugs and wiping down windows.
Living room cleaning: Wiping TVs and computer screens with a screen-safe gentle cleaner; wiping and disinfecting remote controls; dusting tops of furniture and large electronics; cleaning upholstery for dirt and stains.
Kitchen cleaning: Making a quick supply of paper towels and dish soap, cleaning the sink and disinfecting the countertop, wiping down items around the stove, and taking out the trash.
Bathroom cleaning: We provide a complete apartment cleaning service in the bathroom(s). Our staff of courteous professionals will do the scrubbing of the toilet, mirrors, and bathtub or shower, wiping the sink and countertop, or shower (depending on personal needs), checking the toilet paper and hand soap supply, changing your towels, and emptying your wastebasket.
Bedroom cleaning: It’s time to declutter and get rid of excess clutter. You’ll be amazed at the difference good apartment cleaning services in JLT can make. Our staff will change the beddings, empty your wastebaskets, and keep your drawer handles healthy and disinfected.

Become more organized with GCS cleaning services. With a plethora of customers, flexible apartment cleaning services in JLT, and competitive prices, we believe you deserve a much better and quality service. our friendly staff will take care of your living space just like they would their own apartment.
Our fresh and constant workforce contains professionals who can clean top to bottom of your home without fail. With specific expertise such as flushing bathroom fixtures and toilets, sweeping entryways, vacuuming unseen corners, and mopping floors, our professional apartment cleaning services in JLT are beyond your imagination for quality.

A big clean for tight spaces
We know how to make a small space clean in ways that you might not have thought of. Dirt, germs, and grime can find their way into every corner of your apartment or condo and our seasoned professionals know how to clean them out with the processes and techniques that will bring the shine and sparkle to every inch of your home.

GCS move in and out apartment cleaning services
As can be the case with moving, professional apartment cleaning services will help ease the transition into your new apartment or after leaving an old one. Cleaning just a few rooms a day doesn’t make everyone happy, so get in touch with a skilled cleaner to meet you’re on-demand service needs.

Let us connect you with the best apartment cleaning services in JLT while you go off and do your own thing. We facilitate you with a very convenient and easy 24/7 online booking system. Your cleaners will be arriving within the scheduled time frame to clean and sanitize your apartment thoroughly.