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GCS Cleaning Services LLC is a professional house cleaning company in Dubai. We have decades of experience in providing the best quality house cleaning services at very affordable rates. Our experienced team members go beyond the basic services and provide comprehensive cleaning services at your doorstep. We provide an unrivaled house cleaning experience to make your home ready to use in minimum duration. Give a clean and healthy indoor environment to your kids!

We offer professional home cleaning services for:

  1. Homes
  2. Villas
  3. Apartments
  4. Multi-apartment buildings
  5. Rental buildings
  6. Move-in or move-out house cleaning

We have strict selection criteria for appointment of only skilled team members. All the maids and home cleaners are provided special training sessions to up-grade their skills. Our crew members wear proper uniforms and a badge to establish trust in our clients. Moreover, we have industry-specific knowledge to use the latest technology for getting the best possible outcomes. The use of state-of-the-art machinery and reliable home cleaning procedures ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients.

We offer a flexible schedule to book your appointment for cleaning homes. You don’t need to wait for weekends or other holidays for cleaning the entire home. Just call us and let us know when you are free. We immediately book the appointment and send our crew members to meet your requirements. Our crew members are available 24×7 to book appoints as per your schedule. Hire our expert trainers to clean every corner of your house in no time.

We maintain international home cleaning standards by choosing non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaning solutions.  We set up an exhaust system for quick removal of effluents and mist droplets generated during the home cleaning process. It prevents the distribution of fumes to other parts of the home. However, we request our customers to stay away from kids, pets, and elderly people from the cleaning site.

We offer market competitive rates for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual home cleaning services. The charges for home cleaning task are based on the type of service, use of technology, and application of home cleaning procedures. You can also ask us to get a free estimate for home cleaning services. However, the estimated rates are based on your provided information and may vary from actual prices.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients to deliver the best services. We know how to make your home clean. Get regular home cleaning services to improve indoor air quality to elevate the health status of your family members. Please send us your queries to get more information about house cleaning services. Visit our website to get more information about pricing.

What Is Included In Our Home Cleaning Services?

  1. Vacuum cleaning and disinfection of floor
  2. Dusting of windows window frames, doors, door frames, light fixtures, furniture items, and decorative items
  3. Exterior and interior cleaning of windows
  4. High-performance vacuum cleaning of the air-conditioning system and ceiling fans
  5. Cleaning of sofas, carpets, mattresses, and upholstery items
  6. Disinfection, sanitization, and cleaning of toilet
  7. Sanitization and disinfection of countertops, cabinets, sinks, and faucets in the kitchen
  8. Deep cleaning of the bedroom, lounge, drawing room, dining room, and hallways

If you are looking for other home cleaning services, please let us know. We have the capacity to meet your requirements.

What Are Our 5-Step Home Cleaning Services?

1# Booking:

Initially, we request our customers to book an appointment with our experts. Please share your complete details to get one-stop home cleaning solutions.

2# Inspection Of The Area:

After analyzing your requirements, our team members inspect the entire to design a customized strategy for regular home cleaning.

3# Use Of The Advanced Machinery:

Our trained team members use advanced machinery and the latest tools to remove dirt, bacteria, and viruses from hard-to-reach areas.

4# Use Of Eco-Friendly Chemicals:

Our expert team members use eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning solutions to remove 99.98% of germs from your house without affecting the health of your kids or pets.

5# Post-Cleaning Inspection Of The Entire Area:

Once our professional team members have completed the house cleaning task, we inspect the entire area to check any flaws. If we find any fault, we immediately fix it.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Licensed, insured, and bonded team members
  2. High trained and professional home cleaners
  3. Offer free cleaning estimates
  4. 24×7 flexible booking schedules
  5. Use the latest tools and advanced machinery for home cleaning
  6. Use time-tested techniques
  7. Offer 100% satisfaction to our clients
  8. Decades of experience in providing the best quality services
  9. Use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and chemicals

In case of more queries, please contact our team members. Our team members get back to you as soon as possible. Stay in touch with us to get special discounts and exclusive offers for routine home cleaning services!

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