Marble Floor Cleaning

GCS Cleaning Services LLC is a certified marble floor cleaning company in Dubai. We offer the best solutions for marble floor polishing and cleaning at very affordable rates. Marble floorings are the most popular type of floorings because they give an aesthetic appearance to your home, office, or shop. However, it requires regular maintenance and polishing to keep it beautiful and protected against staining and etching. Our professionals offer a variety of cleaning, sealing, and polishing solutions based on your personal requirements.

We provide marble floor polishing and cleaning services for all kinds of marble floors including:

  1. Carrara marble floor
  2. Statuary marble floor
  3. Calactta marble floor
  4. Emperador marble floor
  5. Crema Marfil marble floor

If you are looking for marble floor polishing and cleaning services for other types of floorings, please let us know. We have sufficient machinery and the best cleaning solutions to go beyond your expectations.

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We clean, restore, maintain, and polish the marble floor to protect it from multiple damages. Marble is a very challenging type of flooring for cleaning and maintenance. It has a natural degree of porosity that multiplies discoloration risk factors and dissolution of the stone. We use non-acidic and non-alkali based chemicals for cleaning purposes to maintain its surface qualities. Our experts use affordable cleaning and polishing materials to improve the surface appearance of the marble floor.

Improve the appearance and outlook of the marble floor with our marble floor polishing & cleaning services

Our company is equipped with the latest machinery and tools to deliver the best results. The high-performance tools can pick dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, our team members are provided regular pieces of training to meet industry-specific requirements. The application of marble floor cleaning or polishing tools is based on the requirement of the area and condition of the floor. We usually use high-performance vacuum machines to collect dirt and dust particles.

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We provide marble floor polishing and cleaning services in residential and commercial sectors. Additionally, we offer special discounts and packages to get regular or annual marble floor cleaning services. Our team members are available 24×7 to serve our clients. You can call us or leave a message on our website for appointments. Our team members fix an appointment as per your schedule to meet your expectations. Your 100% satisfaction is our core responsibility.

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Why Choose Us?

  1. Trained and professional team members for marble floor polishing
  2. Offer a flexible schedule to book an appointment
  3. Use non-toxic, non-acidic, non-alkali, and surfactant based cleaning solutions
  4. Use the latest machinery and tools for marble floor polishing and cleaning
  5. Offer affordable deals for marble floor polishing and cleaning
  6. Deal with all kinds of marble floorings in residential and commercial sectors
  7. Guarantee 100% satisfaction of our clients

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What Is Our 5-Step Marble Floor Cleaning Procedure?

1# Analysis Of The Area:

After booking confirmation, our experts perform a detailed analysis of the area to design a customized strategy for cleaning and polishing marble floorings.

2# Dust Removal:

We use high-performance vacuum machines for removing dust particles, loose grime, and debris from the pores of the marble floor.

3# Selection Of Chemicals:

We use non-acidic and non-alkali based cleaning agents for marble floor cleaning. All the chemicals are approved internationally and do not cause any harm to the marble floor.

4# Use The Latest Machinery:

We use the latest machinery and high-performance tools for efficient cleaning and polishing of the marble floorings.

5# Application Of Surfactant:

We apply surfactants after detailed cleaning to give a natural shine to the marble floorings. It imparts an artificial shine as same as present on natural marble floorings.

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What If I Am Not Satisfied With Marble Floor Cleaning Services?

Our first priority is to offer guaranteed marble floor cleaning and polishing services at your doorstep. However, if you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know within 24 hours. We send our crew members to inspect the entire area. After a detailed analysis, our team members fix your issue to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients. We do not charge extra money for this purpose. Stay in touch with us to get the best results!

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