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Are you looking for excellent painting services in UAE? GCS Cleaning Services LLC is a certified company that offers professional painting services at very affordable rates. Our professional painters provide the best services for painting the interior & exterior of the building and every corner of the furniture items. Our painting services are not limited to residential sectors but also we are serving in industrial and commercial sectors. Hire our professional painters for the best painting services now!

Sometimes we get bored with looking at the same paint colors. It is proved scientifically that your environment plays a significant role to improve your mood. Bold and sharp colors make you energetic. Similarly, subtle and simple colors make you calm. Exterior painting services protect the façade of the building from unnecessary damage, make it visually attractive, and add value to your property. Likewise, interior painting services play a vital to change the entire outlook.

We use multiple tools including pressure washers, ladders, degreasers, detergents, hoses, and other machines to provide excellent painting services. An ultra-efficient pressure washer helps to remove dirt, mold, algae, insects, weed, and other impurities on the walls. Our professional painters use internationally accepted chemicals and execute a special step to remove stains. All grooves and damaged areas are filled with appropriate materials to create a smooth surface before applying paints.

Our customer-friendly painters wear a perfect uniform and a display batch to establish trust in customers. They are recruited after detailed selection criteria and regular training sessions for your satisfaction. All painters have hands-on experience in using the latest machinery for painting services. You will not regret hiring us to get superlative painting services at your doorstep.

As far as painting materials are concerned, we use EPA-approved chemicals for painting services. All the paints are tested in laboratories to deliver the promised results. Our weather-based paints reverse the effects of changing weather conditions. All the primers are used before applying paints. Moreover, it improves the elasticity and durability of paints. After completing the project, we wait until the paint dries to check the credibility of our results.

All paint colors and textures are not suitable for every area. Our professional painters help you in choosing the right type of paint as per the specifications of the area. We know about the latest paint color trends in the market. Usually, we recommend pastel and soft colors for bedrooms, living rooms, and drawing rooms. Your kids’ room needs bold and energetic colors. Likewise, waterproof textured paint colors are suitable for bathrooms. We recommend different shades of white in combination with bold colors for shops, offices, and other business areas.

What Kind Of Painting Services Do We Provide?

We deal with all kinds of painting services including:

  1. Acrylic painting services
  2. Oil-based painting services
  3. Translucent watercolor painting services
  4. Gouache painting services
  5. Encaustic painting services

Please note that each type of paint provides a different type of finish on the surface. Contact our professionals before choosing a specific type of paint for your area. If you are looking for other kinds of painting services, please inform us at the time of bookings. We try our best to meet your expectations.

Our Specialized Painting Process:

We follow a thorough painting process to meet your expectations. Our process includes:

  1. After bookings, we send our crew members for the site inspection. After the site inspection, we design a customized strategy to meet your expectations.
  2. We discuss the entire strategy with our customers for approval. It includes detailed information about paint colors, tools, and approaches. We welcome your suggestions.
  3. We pick out the right tools depending on the type of paint and condition of the wall.
  4. We prepare the walls by removing dirt, chips, grease, and germs. Then, we cover window frames, door frames, light fixtures, and ceiling corners.
  5. We use the best painting techniques to paint hard-to-reach areas of your home, office, shop, or other business areas.
  6. In the last stage, we apply varnish to increase the durability of paints.
  7. Once the paint is dried, we wait to see the final results. If the final results are not up to your expectations, we repeat the entire procedure.

Why Choose Us?

  1. 24×7 flexible schedules for bookings
  2. Professional, bonded, and trained painters
  3. Use ultra-efficient equipment and tools
  4. Use EPA-approved, non-toxic, and safe painting materials
  5. Guarantee 100% satisfaction of our clients
  6. Offer affordable deals for commercial and residential painting projects

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